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Universal Education

Universal Education is an Institution committed to improving access to high-quality education for students, teachers, and professionals around the world. We utilize leading education pedagogy and technology from the United States and abroad to provide premium courses and academic support services to students and institutions. Through the integration of accredited courses and institutional relations, Universal Education is able to work with our students over long periods to highlight their true capacity and bring forward well-rounded, bright, enthusiastic learners. Universal Education has built its own proprietary platform, which includes an immersive online classroom environment. This online classroom has interactive tools the teacher and student can use to simulate a real classroom environment, so it feels like they are working together in person. Universal Education offers a wide range of courses, such as standardized test preparation, K12 accredited courses, university accredited courses, and professional development courses. Every Universal Education teacher is a credentialed U.S. or U.K. teacher with a minimum of a Master’s Degree. We are the ONLY online education company that provides 100% live accredited K12 and undergraduate courses.

A Message From Universal Education

Universal Education offers a first-class solution for students and families around the world. We deliver:

  • High quality curriculum
  • Outstanding teachers
  • Flexible and Accessible technology
  • Live communication and collaboration during classes

Create an account today to join us for an Open House or try our solution with a free demo class. We know you will be impressed!

Live Classes

Our Courses are 100% Live

In every course you take with Universal Education you learn face to face with our expert teachers and professors. You can learn 1 on 1, in small group, or large group classes.

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K12 Division Students

“I gained a lot of knowledge concepts and theories in this course. I really loved the assessments and exercises! They really helped me learn what I need to focus on to improve.”

“My favorite part of the course was when the Professor shared experiences & knowledge from their own experience!”

“I loved the systematic delivery of the course. This has been the most engaging online course I have taken. The UE+ platform makes remote learning easy!”

Higher Education Division Students

“I learned so much from this course. Most importantly, I managed to evaluate my own strengths & areas for improvements. This will enhance my knowledge & help me in my current role.”

“As a senior manager, I am always interested in constantly upgrading my leadership skills by gaining new knowledge and insights. Thank you for a great course!”

“The content of this course gave us thorough understanding of leadership, it would be very useful in my daily activity.”


“Working for Universal Education has been both a wonderful and regarding experience. It has been a privilege to teach across the seas. They make it easy for teachers to teach and not have to worry about the administrative side of things. I am glad to have joined this group and plan to remain with them for a long time.”

“The students I have taught with Universal Education have been hard working and always engaging during class discussion. Working with Universal Education has been a very rewarding experience.”

“The courses I have taught for Universal Education have been small group classes. Because of the small format classes, each student has the opportunity to participate in the discussion so I can see how each student is progressing. The students are usually from different countries in my classes which creates diversity in the viewpoints we discuss.”


“Different from any other online course providers, Universal Education can fully customize their courses for your school. Prior to the start of the courses, we communicated many rounds to make sure that the course content, teachers’ qualifications, and timetable were all fitted to our needs. When receiving our feedback, they always took prompt and effective actions. All of their teachers are highlyqualified, experienced, patient, and take differentiated teaching strategies to reach our multi-level and multi-learning-styled students. All our teachers and students benefitted more than what we expected!”

“Ms. Brianna, the World History teacher, is a great teacher! She comes to class fully prepared with a slide presentation, comments for the homework and reviews all of the students questions. She really knows a lot about the subject matter she teaches, and she can answer all the questions from students. She is patient, caring, and she creates a safe learning environment where everybody is willing to try. She gives very detailed feedback to every student about their performance in class, progress in coursework and quizzes. All our Students gave her very good comments. What she did is exemplary! We are thrilled to have her!”

“As an international school we have many diverse needs for supplemental classes, Universal Education was able to customize their courses to our requirements. They were very responsive during the enrollment process and were able to schedule classes shortly after students were referred to them. Their teachers are very well qualified and whether they were using our syllabi or a syllabi provided by Universal Education the students enjoyed the classes and had great learning outcomes. We have had a very positive experience working with Peter and his team and look forward to expanding our courses with Universal Education in the future.”

Universal Education Homeschool Program

Universal Education offers a full homeschool program for students of all ages. This high-quality solution delivers US Private School Education with affordable tuition. Below are some additional details on the program and an overview of the student pathway.

5 Courses per year

Teacher to Sudent Ratio


*This is the maximum teacher to student ratio, most classes are smaller.

Tuition Special

15% Discount

If you enroll by 2/15/2021.

Universal Education students can save $165,000-$200,000, which is between 40%-50% of total K12 & Undergraduate tuition costs through the Universal Education Pathway.

Course Components

There are 3 Parts to each course that students will be complete:

Part 1: Classtime

Attend Live Classes Online

Part 2: Individual Work

Complete Homework and Assignments

Part 3: Quizzes & Exams

Take Quizzes & Exams

At the end of the course Students will receive:


Credit towards their Diploma

Letter of Recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the advantages of taking synchronous (real-time) online courses?

  • High Quality: All Universal Education teachers have prime qualifications and are not limited to geographic location.
  • Flexibility: Real-time online courses provide the necessary flexibility to students with many commitments, as long as they have access to a computer device and internet connection.
  • Affordability: Universal Education can maintain high quality of instruction while providing affordable tuition rates because students and parents can purchase only the courses and services they need.

Are synchronous courses as effective as face-to-face instruction?

Yes! Universal Education teachers meet with students every session for the entire course duration, e.g. 72-hour course means that the teacher will spend 72 hours meeting with the students, just as if they were to meet in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Interactive tools allow for the course resources to be conveniently shared at any time. More importantly, the students can contact the course teacher whenever they have a question using Messaging tool in the UE+ portal.

The effectiveness and credibility of online education.

Universal Education provides accredited transcripts and certificates, which guarantees their quality and efficacy.

Do Universal Education courses count toward my diploma?

Students receive accredited transcripts after taking accredited courses with Universal Education. Students can complete their diploma through Universal Education or submit a credit transfer form to another institution to transfer the credits from their courses.

Are there ways to accelerate online degree completion?

Students can select their own schedule in our customizable courses. This means they can accelerate the completion of their program if desired.

What are the benefits of learning with Universal Education?

  • Proven Curriculum: We only utilize accredited curriculum for our courses that have proven learning outcomes for students.
  • Certified Teachers with Experience: Every Universal Education teacher is a certified teacher with a minimum of a Master's Degree. We pride ourselves in the experience of each of our educators.
  • Customizable Solutions: With a wide range of courses and support services, students are able to customize their learning path according to their own goals, schedule, and budget.

What if I have never taken an online course?

Do not worry, Universal Education has a support system in place for both students and parents. In addition to the customer service, UE teachers will guide you through the course each step of the way.

How do I know if online education is right for me?

Create a free account in the UE+ platform and message our team. We are happy to schedule a demo class for you with one of our teachers.

Do online schools offer the same student support services as traditional in-person schools?

Yes, all of the traditional support services that students would expect at their school, like college advising and career guidance are available through Universal Education. Our flexible model allows students to choose exactly what services they want, so they don't end up paying for services they do not need. This is the reason Universal Education can maintain high quality and provide affordable tuition costs.

What technical skills do online students need?

Basic level of computer proficiency is sufficient. UE+ learning management system is very intuitive. Students or parents are able to request help from our support staff at any time if they need technical assistance.

What technology requirements must my house have for online classes?

All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer device.

What is the cost for a course?

          Create a free student account in UE+ at


and go to the Courses section to view the interactive course catalog. By selecting a course, you will be able to see the full course details and the pricing for a one-on-one or a group course.

How are Universal Education online classes structured?

The students have access to the Class List, Messages, Content, and other features of the UE+ platform. The classes are taught via Zoom.

How do students take proctored exams in online classes?

Students log into class and take the exam with their camera and microphone on. The teacher is present during the entire exam and students are permitted to ask questions.

How do I Enroll and Register?

          Create a free student account in UE+ at


and go to the Courses section to view an interactive course catalog. By selecting a course, you will be able to see the full course description and select whether you want to purchase a one-on-one or a group course. Follow the steps to process the payment. After purchasing the course, it will appear in the "Schedule a Course" section of your account. Click on the course and follow the steps to schedule. If you have registered for a group course, the class times will be provided.

What is the UE+ learning management system?

          UE+ platform is used for:
  • Course catalog: View our interactive course catalog, filter and select the right course.
  • Scheduling: Sign up and choose your schedule.
  • Content: Access all your course files, submit assignments, take quizzes and tests.
  • Messages: Communicate with your teacher at any time.
  • Classes: View upcoming class list and log in to live class sessions.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conferencing software that has lots of interactive features, like screen sharing and annotation that facilitates remote synchronous learning.

What are the typical class sizes?

We offer one-on-one and group classes. Students are able to select which setting they prefer when registering for a course.

How many weeks do online courses run?

Most of our courses have 36 hours of class time per semester, and 72 hours of class time per year. The duration of the course will be determined by the frequency of classes. For example, an intensive one-semester summer course (36 hours) would stretch over 6 weeks if the students were to take 6 hours of classes per week (36 divided by 6 equals 6), and over 8 weeks if the student were to take 4 hours per week (36 divided by 4 equals 8), etc.

Do students need to attend classes at specific times?

Yes, Universal Education follows the schedule confirmed with the student. Classes are scheduled in advance for selected dates and times. Students are expected to attend each class.

What if I miss a class?

Teachers take attendance in each class and students are expected to attend or notify in advance if they cannot be present. Those taking one-on-one classes have the opportunity to reschedule some classes given prior notice. Those in group classes would only be able to reschedule a class if all students in the group placed a request; otherwise, if some students from a group miss the class, they can follow up with the teacher about what material was covered and conduct self-study.

Will there be a teacher in every class?

Yes, each class is conducted by the assigned teacher that will teach the entire course.

What is the typical workload for an online course?

          Depending on the student's proficiency and curriculum, the course load will vary. Students are expected to:
  • Participate in class.
  • Complete homework and assignments.
  • Take quizzes and test.

What are typical assignments in online classes?

          Assignments for online classes are similar to the ones provided in a brick-and-mortar school. Depending on the subject a few examples of assignments would be:
  • Math: Solving equations and worksheets to practice theories and concepts learned in class.
  • Science: Performing online labs which digitally simulate the experiments that could be conducted during a science class.
  • English: Reading the assigned novel and writing an argumentative essay that supports a hypothesis about the book.

How can I see my grades?

In our UE+ learning management system, students are able to view their grades at any time.

How do I get my transcripts after the course?

After your course is completed, we automatically issue your transcripts.